The Best Questions For Swift Programs For Diners

Apr 05, 2017  

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These cafes may be aimed at cyclists, but they're very definitely not for cyclists only. Take Maison du Velo in Reigate, Surrey, and now with a second shop in nearbyCranleigh. Selling bikes may be the core business, but the coffee shops are busy on a mid-week morning as well as at the weekend. And there's just as likely to be a parent with a pushchair grabbing a latte as a cyclist fresh from a training ride. While Mud Dock and Maison du Velo are bike shops as well as cafes, bike-themed coffee shops are popular, too, offering riders a mid-ride coffee and a chocolate brownie to replace all those lost calories. Pedalling Squares in Swalwell, Gateshead, has cycling memorabilia hanging from the walls and shows major cycling races on a big screen. It's close to the coast-to-coast long-distance cycle route, but welcomes non-cyclists as well as roadies, mountain bikersand tourists on their way from one side of the country to the other. You can't miss the cycling theme, but you don't need to be bike-mad to enjoy a slice of cake there. View photos The Velocity Cafe and Bicycle Workshop in Inverness Credit: Becky Duncan Photography More The Velocity Cafe and Bicycle Workshop in Inverness follows a different model again. This social enterprise combines home-baked cakes and coffee (fans of Italian bike componentry will appreciate the 'campagcinno') with a workshop that's open to all.