Selecting Necessary Issues In Eating

Apr 01, 2017  

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But I dont think she expected me to end up shunning the sugar she so lovingly uses in all her baking, altogether. It wasnt until I fell pregnant at 33 that my sugar cravings really took hold. I found myself constantly craving ice cream, so I stocked our freezer at home in London with mint chop chip and devoured bowls at a time. The baby would kick up a frenzy in my stomach after Id eaten - sugar even gets a reaction in the womb. View photos Throughout her pregnancy, Sarah constantly craved ice cream Credit: RubberBall / Alamy More After my son Daniel arrived in 2008 I was, understandably, exhausted as I adjusted to breastfeeding a newborn; its hard to find a moment to comb your hair, let alone eat properly. Despite all my knowledge of food and nutrition, I would regularly grab a quick sugar fix or some carbs to keep me going, but the subsequent crashes interfered with my sleep, leaving me even more tired than I already felt. At a playdate when Daniel was around five months old, he reached for a slice of French bread and happily started gumming it. It wasnt necessarily the food Id have chosen for his first few mouthfuls, but it showed me he was ready for weaning and I made the decision, then and there, that I didnt want to feed him refined carbs or processed sugars, and our journey began. View photos Sarah made the commitment to her sugar-free lifestyle once her son Daniel was weaned More When I started my sugar-free quest, nearly ten years ago, most people were focusing on low fat or low GI diet s, and sugar wasnt really under the microscope. But I knew that something so addictive couldnt be great for our bodies, a hunch that has certainly proved to be true. Last month, public health minister, Nicola Blackwood confirmed that British children are some of biggest consumers of sugar in Europe. The white stuff is cited as the biggest contributing factor in our national obesity crisis and was blamed, last week, by the Faculty of Dental Surgery for the massive rise in milk tooth extractions in children under four - up 24 per cent over a decade. As some of my mum friends experimented with pouches and jars, I began to puree a rainbow of vegetables and fruit for Daniels mealtimes.