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Apr 14, 2017  

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I hadnt realised how common it had been in the past for chocolatiers to make their own chocolate. Nowadays, most buy theirs ready-made from specialist bean converters, but I thought, why dont we start growing our own cocoa and create a direct connection between the bean and our bars? Thirlwell and Harris were seduced by the 140-acre Rabot Estate, founded in 1745 as a sugar plantation, which had subsequently switched to cocoa. View photos Cocoa nibs are scattered over an individual chocolate bar, made by guests during the hotel's bean-to-bar sessions Credit: Ben Quinton More It is a mini paradise, 1,000ft above sea level, covered in cocoa, coconut and banana palms, with its own 18th-century estate house. Historically, Rabot had weathered many storms, including being fought over by French and English soldiers in 1795 (the French won), devastating hurricanes, the rise of the banana industry, which knocked cocoa growing off the map in the Caribbean, and its resulting decline into a state of overgrown disrepair. Breakdown | Hotel Chocolat in Numbers After we bought it we discovered that no one in St Lucia knew anything about growing cocoa, Thirlwell says. Cocoa plantations were being replaced with bananas, which kept failing. It was very difficult to be a successful cocoa farmer on such a small island. With the help of a small team including Phil Buckley, an engineer who had previously worked with Mars and Cadbury, and dedicated nurseryman Cuthbert Monroque, they restored the estate, now with 70 acres (on its way to 100) planted with 3,000 mature cocoa trees, some of which are rare heritage varieties discovered in the 1930s. The nursery, a Mr McGregor-esque set-up of ancient greenhouses and potting sheds, contains 20,000 seedlings, descendants of the original 100 species.