Getting The Facts On Prudent Trends Secrets

Feb 10, 2017  

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Meat , Muppets , tinfoil, garbage bags, kale , duct tape and anything else that isn't cloth counts toward "alien." If her hair is a naturally occurring color, even if not her natural color, that counts toward human. Unnatural hair colors count toward alien, despite their popularity; so does having any sort of 18th-century-France hair sculpture or wacky objects on her head. Makeup in normal makeup places: human, even if it's more dramatic than what most people would wear. Face paint or any sort of facial prosthetic: alien. 5. Get off the stage, already Watching people get their acceptance speeches cut off is both my favorite and my least favorite thing about watching awards shows, depending on how much I like the winner and how punchy I'm feeling about the importance of manners that day. Twenty-four awards will be presented Sunday night, which means 24 acceptance speeches that are supposed to be only about 1 minute long but which average 1 1/2 to 2 minutes . I'm putting the over/under line for how many speechmakers get played off by the orchestra at 7.5. 4. The book is always better Five of the eight nominees for Best Picture are based on books, and a sixth is about a series of newspaper articles .

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